The Class of 1978

Lily Evans | Sixth Year | Sixteen | Gryffindor | Muggle Born | FC Bryce Dallas Howard | Taken

Is it too much too wish for the perfect life? If everything is slowly falling apart, how much should you hold on to fix everything back together? All she wanted all her life was happiness but it was coldly snatched away from her. All she wanted was for everything to work out. She always goes out of her way just to please everyone; faking smiles, forcing laughs. Lily Evans. Who doesn’t know the vivacious, dazzling Miss Evans? But Lily Evans is in no way perfect. Yes, people look up to her, she was indeed quite popular. But life is never easy. She may look fine but she’s not. The upcoming war is getting to her and though she tries to conceal it but she was hurt of how her sister can’t accept her and what she was. Is it really her fault? Fault that she was born that way? Though her life is filled with imperfections, Lily has one too many things to be thankful for. Her Muggle parents had accepted her and the world of magic she had entered had welcomed her with open arms, the place where she felt she truly belong. She admit, she find it hard to adjust to the diversity of the two worlds but she loved it. Hogwarts had become her new home.

She had excelled in all her classes even though she was a muggle-born. Proving herself to most judgemental Slytherins. She had entered Hogwarts ignorant of what she’s putting herself into but finding home in the aging castle. She’s a prefect and a good one at that. She is what most would say a diligent student. Acing exams, passing homework’s on time and keeping every Gryffindor in line. Who could possibly say no those bright green orbs? She’s quite popular and favoured by most teachers, even the Head of Slytherin House—Horace Slughorn and had been the receiving end of the affection of the rather annoying, in her opinion, but famous James Potter. She was indeed a force to be reckoned with. But now that her final years in her new-found home is wilting away, how could she handle the doom awaiting on the other side of the walls of the castle? She never let it on but with the war revolving around the air they breathe—suffocating them, Lily found herself scared of what’s to come.

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